Attention songwriters, musicians and singers!! Billy Hinsche is offering a new service by which you can have your songs professionally charted by Billy himself!

Have you ever wondered what your song would look like on sheet music? Now you can send Billy a copy of your composition (on CD or cassette) and have him create a precise music chart, customized just for you.

Billy has been charting songs for the Beach Boys and others for many years, has written songs for Carl Wilson ("One More Night Alone"), Dean Martin ("For the Love of a Woman" and "Come on Down"), and Dino, Desi & Billy ("Tell Someone You Love Them" and "Lady Love", the latter of which was co-written with Brian Wilson). The Caring Program of Utah uses one of Billy's compositions as its corporate theme song ("Let's Build A World"). In 1983, 20th Century Fox and Glen Larsen Productions used one of Billy's songs for their sci-fi television series, Automan. Billy has also collaborated musically with Senator Orrin Hatch and is a teacher of music. He has devised a system that is simple to read, straightforward and easy to understand. Whether you need a chart for a keyboard, guitar, bass, or all three, you'll find that his charts are clear and concise, even for beginners.

Remembering all the chord changes, progressions and structure of a song can be difficult. Having a hard copy of your composition makes it simple, and you will always have an accurate chart for reference.

If you have a band, make copies for them to study prior to your rehearsals or recording sessions. You'll save time and money by being prepared for the date. You'll never have to “explain” your song again — your music chart will do that for you!

Protect your intellectual property by submitting your chart, along with a recorded copy of your song, lyric sheet, appropriate copyright form and fee, to the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D. C.; this will officially document and establish your creative ownership!

Note: Your chart will reflect chord changes only! (See chart examples on this website).

Send your CD or cassette, along with a personal check, money order or IMO for $50 per chart (includes shipping & handling) to: Billy Hinsche, 10624 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite A-162, Henderson, NV 89052.


“Both Brian and Carl Wilson told me that Billy was their favorite piano player. He is also a stellar guitar player and wonderfully soulful singer. I am extremely impressed with the quality of Billy's charts. They are perfectly logical, totally easy to read and accurate in every way. The meter, every chord change and every break, are always accurately placed and notated. They are the best and easiest charts that I have ever worked from. Each one is very self-explanatory and completely comprehensible.”
Jeffrey Foskett, longtime guitarist/vocalist for the Beach Boys, Musical Director for Brian Wilson

“Billy's charts are dead-on accurate; every detail of these songs is reflected in his notation. They're easy to follow and show the structure of the song in the simplest possible way.”
Gary Griffin, keyboardist for the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Emmy award nominated composer/arranger for the ABC mini series The Beach Boys: An American Family.

“I've had the pleasure of working with Billy for the past 30 years! What has made it so enjoyable for me, has been the charts he writes! Nothing fancy or intimidating, just clear and to the point. I look forward to playing sessions when Billy Hinsche writes the charts!”
Wayne Tweed, bass player for Dennis Wilson, Smokey Robinson.