Originally released in 1998 on VHS and in 2005 as part of the DVD trilogy The Road Well Traveled, Billy Hinsche's popular travel tips video is back and better than ever with digitized color-corrected images, enhanced audio, new chapter headings, transitional music, subtitles and 2012 travel tip updates! After 40 years of touring with Dino, Desi & Billy and The Beach Boys, Billy decided to make a video revealing some of his own personal travel tips. It's called Know the Road and was made during The Beach Boys' 1995 summer tour of the United States and Canada. Portions of the original itinerary are included so you can follow the group's movements from Thursday, July 20 through Thursday, September 7 of 1995, with specific cities and all dates listed in this historical document that is part of The Beach Boys' amazing touring legacy spanning 50 years.

Know the Road Redux discBilly is a graduate of the Motion Pictures & Television division of UCLA where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The video is done in a documentary style and is educational, informative and at times, hysterically funny. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or going out on the road for the first time, you'll learn a lot of valuable information from Billy and other professional travelers who appear in the video. Also, find out about all the things that are FREE out there on the road. As Billy says, “Traveling is one thing — knowing the road is another!”

Total Running time: 65 minutes approximately

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Come backstage and watch the pre-show preparations in the hospitality room, catering hall, production office and dressing rooms. Take a ride on The Beach Boys' tour bus and hear travel advice from members of the entourage that is practical, helpful and often amusing. Finally, take a peek inside their private Westwind II charter jet!


You'll learn more rock 'n' roll travel tips from Beach Boys Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston, band members Ed Carter (bass), Mike Kowalski (drums), Mike Meros (keyboards), Matt Jardine (percussion) and Richie Cannata (sax); tour manager Matt Sheppard, sound mixer Jeff Peters, along with advice from the lovely Beach Boys' dancers and members of the friendly crew. Also interviewed are singer songwriters Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell as well as other members of the group America, opening act Christopher Cross, and Bruce Springsteen's longtime drummer Max Weinberg — all with their own excellent suggestions for touring and travel.


Chapter selections include:


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