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Instructional Piano Video


pic of Billy's piano tapeLearn how to play nine of the Beach Boys' most popular songs on piano, with the instructional video Play Songs of the Beach Boys: Piano Accompaniments to Rock Classics, taught by Billy Hinsche, with an introduction by Audree and Carl Wilson. Billy Hinsche has been associated with The Beach Boys since 1965 when his group Dino, Desi and Billy opened for the band at The Hollywood Bowl. He began touring as a Beach Boys band member in 1974. He has many vocal and performance credits with the group and others, including Elton John.

Now Billy has made an excellent instructional video for piano. In this professional three camera production (including an overhead camera for a unique perspective of the keyboard), Billy sings and plays nine of the band's most popular songs. He analyzes all the musical elements involved in each song. Topics include chord structure, “hooks,” bass patterns, arpeggios, shuffle rhythmns, key changes and other devices that Brian Wilson used to create these timeless masterpieces. Billy explains things in a clear and easy to understand way, providing insight and humor to the lesson. You'll soon be playing “California Girls,” “In My Room,” “Kokomo,” “Little Deuce Coupe,” “Help Me Rhonda,” “Wouldn't It Be Nice,” “God Only Knows,” “Good Vibrations,” and “Forever” (a tribute to his best friend Dennis Wilson). Sheet music is included. Billy will autograph and personalize it for you, a friend or family member. It makes a great gift!

* This video has been reissued on the Homespun label, as Rock Piano Classics: Learn Nine Hit Songs of The Beach Boys! Available in DVD and digital download formats. MORE.


“If you want to know something, go to the source. Billy played these marvelous songs with the group for 20 years. If anybody can tell you about the intricacies of these Brian Wilson songs, it's this cat. I was fascinated. ”
Paul Shaffer, musical director for the CBS Orchestra on Late Show with David Letterman

“My 15 year old son and I sat down to watch Hinsche's how-to and were riveted top-to-bottom. This video brings Brian Wilson's genius into beginner's hands (like mine), and with depth for advanced players (like my son). It broadens the harmonic lingo of any chord-challenged pro — a must for any singer/songwriter's music library — brings the surf up to the turf. Puts ease in the keys. A refreshing reminder of what made this romantic era in California's pop music history an endless summer. Unique! Painless! Indispensable! The fastest track piano how-to I've ever seen. Hinsche doesn't drop a beat. Hang your ten with Hinsche!
indent“‘Be an American and then write any kind of music you wish!’ Virgil Thompson, on how to write ‘American Music.’
indent“Virgil forgot to add: ‘It helps to have Play Songs of The Beach Boys: Piano Accompaniments to Rock Classics, taught by Billy Hinsche.’”
Van Dyke Parks, Brian Wilson's favorite collaborator and longtime friend

“As the electric bassist on most of these great recordings, I think Billy gets a good feel and captures the essence of these great songs with good tips on playing the arrangements on piano; plus the viewer will pick up much musical knowledge too. Some of the keys are strange (Brian wrote some in the key of ‘B’), hence the mixture of flats and sharps sometimes; but he guides you through every tune so you can play them well and get the inside tips you need to feel comfortable on piano as you learn. As a long-time accredited music teacher (since 1949), I liked this video, very well-done.”
Carol Kaye, former No. 1 call '60s studio electric bass (LA), and author of over 24 music tutorials (


Know The Road
Rock ’n’ Roll Travel Tips Video


Billy's hard card - not the video coverBilly Hinsche's travel tips video is finally here! After 30 years of touring with Dino, Desi & Billy and the Beach Boys, Billy decided to make a video revealing some of his own personal travel tips. It's called Know the Road and was made during the Beach Boys' 1995 summer tour of the United States and Canada. Billy is a graduate of the Motion Pictures & Television division of UCLA and has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The video is done in a documentary style. It's very informative and funny. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or going out on the road for the first time, you'll learn a lot of valuable information from Billy and other professional travelers who appear in the video. It makes a great gift!


Come backstage and watch the pre-show preparations in the hospitality room, dressing rooms, catering hall, and production office. Take a ride on the Beach Boys' tour bus and hear the individual travel advice from members of the entourage. Finally, take a peek inside their private jet!


You'll learn about personal travel tips from members of The Beach Boys, band, dancers and crew. Also interviewed are members of America, Christopher Cross, and Bruce Springsteen's longtime drummer Max Weinberg, who is featured nightly on Conan O'Brian's show. There's even a special appearance by Brian Love (Mike's son) with his own travel tip for kids!


“I like to track my travels with Trip Mate PC software connected to a Global Positioning Satellite receiver. I mark good hotels and restaurants in the computer for future tours.”
Roger McGuinn, The Byrds

“When I run out of clean underwear after having even turned them inside out, I take a shower at night wearing a pair of them. I wash and soap all the usual places, using shampoo to soap my undies. I hang them on the shower rod and in the morning they are dry and clean.”
Rebecca Romijn, supermodel / actress

“I go to the liquor store, buy the booze I drank out of the mini-bar the night before, refill the empty bottles and replace them.”
John McVie, Fleetwood Mac

“I travel with lavendar oil on every airplane flight. I also use Echinacea spray which clears the sinuses. Also, Emergencia (vitamin C in packets) which I dissolve in water, which helps prevent dehydration.”
Rosanna Arquette, actress




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